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It's Not You, This Happens To Everyone...

Before I start rambling on, let me just say this happens to everyone. 


And what is it that i'm referring to? 


That moment you realise that it's time to do something about your weight. 


It may happen when you're looking in the mirror or standing on the scales or perhaps just climbing some stairs.


Your first thought is to go on a 'diet' but as quickly as that enters your mind the ghosts of a hundred diets past return... 


Along with the frustration. 


Then you wonder, why bother? 


The weight will come back, as it always has. 

 Then you'll be back in front of the mirror as discouraged as ever. 

 How am I doing so far? 


Let me tell you, the answer isn't to go on another diet


The answer is to create a vision and make it a priority


What exactly do you want to accomplish, whats the goal?


If it's weight loss, exactly how much weight? 


What size will you be when your goal is reached? 


Can you picture what you'll look and feel like? 


Can you imagine the impact that will have on those around you and who depend on you? 


This is your goal/vision or what I call your 'powerful driving force' it's what gets you up EVERY morning.

Then make it your number one priority


If it's not a priority it will get lost and fade away. 


Start small, embrace simple.


Starting small allows you to stick with it, and build on your success over time. 


And when it comes to food, let's face it most of the foods you eat probably aren't the healthiest. 


Your body keeps an accurate food diary 


My advice would be to most definitely avoid following yet another 'diet' 


Instead focus on the basics

  • water (so underrated yet one of the best things you can do for fat loss is drink more water)

  • eat your protein, not only will this keep you full, burn more calories because of digestion, but it will aid recovery and repair

  • load up on veggies and fruits

  • ensure healthy fats are a stable part of your nutrition (cook with butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, lard) 

And not food related but an essential part of fat loss as a whole, get plenty of sleep. 


And the final part of the jigswaw..... exercise


Exercise is a huge component to a healthy lifestyle. 

 Your new healthy lifestyle means exercising most days of the week, this may seem tough but I have the perfect solution - my Fitness Camp was created for busy people just like you who only have so much time to dedicate to exercise


I understand how hard it is to find the motivation to stay consistent and to push yourself. 


Make exercise a no-brainer. 


Follow this link to find out more about getting started on a lifestyle enhancing programme today >>


Imagine where your health, fitness and lifestyle could be in just a few weeks time?


Your lifestyle is the balance of all the choices that you make regarding your body. Swing the balance in your favour, make the majority of your choices health conscious. 


You'll relish it. 

If you found this useful, feel free to share on your socials. Spread the word.



Jason 'Lycra' Brownlie

Coach @ The Perth Fitness Camp

PS. If you're an over 30's man or woman from the Perth area who is looking to get back in shape, improve your health, have more energy and feel more confident about yourself then my UNSTOPPABLE Coaching Programme could be perfect for you.

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