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Hi, my name is Jason Brownlie and i'm a bit of an open book.

I’m going to do something I don’t like doing much – I’m going to talk all about me.


So bare with me, because if all goes well, it will be an uncomfortable and slightly awkward ride for the both of us.


I'd like to give a pipe into what i'm all about, just in case you have no idea who I am and think i'm just this random fella.

Me with a few of the Perth Fitness Camp at Total Warrior

Me and a few PFC team took on the 15k MacTuff Obstacle Course in January (brrrr)

One thing you should know about me, I am what I am.


I suppose i'm a bit like marmite!!!


I'm originally from the East End of London and we're a certain sort.

We're a bit course and say what we think, we have our own little walk, like penguins I suppose, a bit of swagger. 


I don't set out to offend anyone but I ain't gonna paint myself as something i'm not, like most fitpro's and 'goo-roos' do.


I'm also not going to pretend that my world is all happy clappy and everything is awesome and that I live on chicken and broccoli.... because i'd be lying. 

I'm a massive foodie.....

I also have the same struggles and time restraints that most busy parents have, so yes I still have the whole work, kids and life balance thing going on and me and my wife generally spend our days juggling the kids about, but I refuse to use lack of time as an excuse not to do some kind of training or movement.

You see I just didn't fall off the latest conveyor belt of personal trainers courses. 


Oh no no no...


I've been through my own fat loss journey and fought my own inner demons along the way, so I know just how hard it is as i've experienced it for myself.


I spent most of my 20's overweight and unhappy, I would bury my misery in sh*tty food, forget about my day with booze, and then try to absolve my sins by dieting or getting on a treadmill for an hour. I hated the person I saw in the mirror. 

No matter how many new so called 'diet hacks' I tried. I was still stuck. Still that skinny fat bloke too ashamed to take his shirt off at the pool. 

Atkins, Paleo, Cabbage Diet, Stomach Toning Machines, Slimfast, Zone Diet.....

Yep, just like you I was told that there was some magical properties to these diets that made them work. 

I was told that these diets were the only way to lose weight.

What I never realised was that these diets were too restrictive. They didn't allow me to make choices for my well-being, they didn't give me the tools to enjoy and stick to my guns for the long term.

When I failed at what was supposed to be 'foolproof', i'd feel like a failure. If this method was so popular, there must be something wrong with me.

They all worked great for a few weeks and then it just as quickly fell apart. 

Same hamster, new wheel.

What I discovered was that it wasn't me.

I just needed to find another way that worked for me, that didn't deprive me of joy, and was healthy and sustainable and still made me lose weight and feel good.

What I found was, the best way begins and ends with you. Not some dogmatic approach to sell pretty books or programmes.

Fads don't work

Gimmicks don't work

Butter or coconut oil in your coffee doesn't work (F*cking rank in my opinion)

Consistent, measurable changes in lifestyle and choices do.


They aren't necessarily easy, but they don't have to be complicated.



I'm talking to you right now as a qualified trainer, certified kettlebell teacher with the IKFF but most importantly i'm an over 40's man that has gone through this journey that you are considering starting.

In my opinion my experience of having once been in your shoes is far more important than my qualifications as a coach.

I've been a coach since 2007.

Before my massive career change I worked in retail and for the railway from age 17 - 28.

I remember seeing a photo of me in my mums back garden when I was 25, I looked years older than I actually was.

My shirt was off and my moobs stood out like a wet fart in a church hall and I had this spare tyre of fat around my waist.

I'm naturally a skinny guy and I had a massive complex about it at school, I even wore shorts under my trousers to try and make my legs look bigger.

So when you see a 38" waist on a skinny body with twiglet legs and moobs - it's not quite the look I was going for.

​If i'm being honest it shocked me....

This wasn't who I used to be and certainly wasn't part of the plan.... but how blind I must have been for years letting myself go like this.

Check out the images of me below let me tell you what each of them mean.

On the left -

  • low self esteem

  • yearned for attention from others

  • drank alcohol 4 - 5 times per week

  • ate very poorly

  • stayed up until 3 - 4am

  • zero confidence

  • no exercise

On the right -

  • strongest, happiest and healthiest i've been mentally and physically

  • can run around with my kids without feeling knackered

  • still drink alcohol, just not at douchebag level like before

  • still eat literally WHATEVER I want but favour healthy over crap first

  • Lift heavy things mainly kettlebells and my own bodyweight

  • Invest in myself every single day 

I did all this without counting calories or going on restrictive diets. Yes you read that correctly!!!

Today I stand tall, I smile more, I eat foods that fuel my workouts and recovery and still enjoy the things I love.

I stopped medicating myself with alcohol and "rewarding" myself with crappy food.

Today I love the man I see in the mirror (so does my wife)

My physical health suffered as well

I was always ill. I had suffered from really bad stomach pains for years. The doc couldn't really nail what it was and made all kinds of assumptions as to what was causing them. 

But the pains were so bad that they'd floor me. 

Looking back at it now it was a combination of not looking after myself, drinking too much, eating crappy foods stress and a general lack of exercise. 

I often think about what would have happened had I let this carry on. It would have got worse, no doubt I would have spent a fair few hours of my life in and out of hospital with various health conditions through my 30's, then into my 40's and 50's and maybe early death. 

My mental health took a battering as well

I had the confidence of a limp lettuce and my self worth was at an all time low.

Without having to think about it, I can tell you that my appearance, lack of energy, tight fitting trousers and constant health problems were a contributing factor. 

They don't exactly help someone to ooze confidence and be happy about themselves do they? 

I found myself asking myself time and time again

"Why me?"

"Why can't I be healthy like I used to be?"

"Why can't I be happy?"

"Why do I keep getting ill?"

"Why do I hate seeing my newly formed ugly body in the mirror?"

I used to blame anything and everything/circumstances and never myself.


I placed far to many excuses and obstacles in the way. 

Until I saw that photo and many more photo's after that. 

Then everything fell into place and it made sense

I suddenly realised that I was the one that had let myself get like this.

I allowed it to happen.

And I was THE one that was going to have to change.

Within 6 months of that realisation I had:

- Walked away from my life in London

- Gave up my job in London that was well paid but a job I didn't really understand anyway

- Left my friends who just wanted to continue doing the same old thing week in week out (on the booze and eat shite, then rinse and repeat)


Instead I moved away from London, committed myself to regular exercise, improving my diet, drinking more water etc, not only had I noticed my body start to change shape but it had inspired me to pursue this as a career, perhaps there were more men and women who were just like me that I could help and so I went back to uni as a mature student and studied sports science and became just a regular gym instructor at first.


All of a sudden I felt alive again.


I started to set goals and look to the future 

I started to believe in myself again and my own ability

As I was setting and achieving personal health goals it gave me the confidence to start doing the same regarding my career. 

Why Not Grab A Copy Of My FREE Book 'Fat Loss Simplified' And Discover How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off For Good Without All The Fads, Gimmicks & Diet Nonsense

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Untitled design - 2023-07-19T094017.030.png


I took ACTION, I researched and I have continuously invested in myself. 

I'm proud to say i've been coached by some of the biggest names in the industry. 

I have a crazy passion for Bodyweight and Kettlebell training, after seeing huge dramatic changes in my body and fitness from training with them, I decided to learn more and specialise in these two areas.


It was my passion for bodyweight training that lead to me setting up the Perth Fitness Camp back in 2009 when I started with just 2 members. 

Over the years we have grown into a community that I am proud to say that I am part of. 

Every week I look around and see the support, encouragement and motivation from the team. It's amazing to see.

Everyone has started from ground zero and built themselves up to take on challenges that they once would have deemed as impossible.

So What Does All This Mean?

It means that because of my own transformation it has enabled me to help clients both online and offline create healthier habits and sustainable lifestyle changes that will last forever.


Not only this I have created a fitness and nutrition programme that educates and also coaches men and women in: 

  • Fitness training

  • Nutrition 

These are the areas that I specialise in.

==>>CLICK HERE to find out more about the UNSTOPPABLE 28 Day Kickstart Programme

My fitness & nutrition programme quite literally flicks the switch to your fat burning mechanism. 

You're coached through various phases so that you learn to create sustainable and ever lasting changes as opposed to short term quick fixes.

I'm a coach that's realistic, unless you are an elite athlete or disciplined bodybuilder whose nutrition needs to be on point I like to coach my clients on how to have what I call 'Wiggle' room. 

I beleive that any progress that has been made won't just go away by eating a single piece of chocolate (or two...or three). Not even from a full day's worth of 'bad' eating. 

Always keep the big picture in mind. 

If you can stick with a plan 80% of the week for most of the food choices you make, most meals you eat, and stay consistent for most day's out of the week while staying active then this become ever lasting.

This way you'll grow to love this new lifestyle as opposed to resenting it like most diets do.

Some people will call this "flexible dieting" others will call it "intuitive eating" 

I call it being human. 

I’m not saying all of this to impress you… though I certainly hope that it does…


I’m telling you this to impress upon you that I’ve had the great fortune to not only build my own fitness business from the ground up, but to also help thousands of people, burn stubborn fat, change their mindset and body shapes in a fun non-complicated environment while making life long changes.

If you ever thought that you couldn't do it or that it was impossible then think again...


I'm living proof that change can happen when you REALLY want it and when you have a powerful reason WHY it's so important. 

I've also seen what happens when others have this laser focused mindset to transform themselves. 

For me, life is about living your passion and finding your calling and there’s no other industry that I’d rather serve then the industry that changed my life…



STOP wasting years of your life like I did. Stop the up-and-down, rollercoaster ride of fad diets and gimmicky workouts. Do what works and has worked for hundreds of my clients.


So if you’re looking to completely change your body shape, confidence, be a role model for your kids, feel more attractive in front of your partner and are ready (I only work with those that are serious and ready) to take your health and fitness to the next level, the Perth Fitness Camp is the place where you’ll find the blueprint to help you get there.

Committed to your success 

Jason Brownlie

Dad, Husband, Coach

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