*YOU* version 2.0

So, I woke up yesterday morning (as you do) and noticed that my iPhone had an update pending.

I clicked "update" and pow - just like that the updated software was installed.

I then checked my laptop and noticed that it too had an update waiting as well.

So of course, I updated that as well and now my phone and laptop are both running the newest software.


Now bugs have been fixed, they operate faster, and they're even more safe from viruses.

Installing updates, that's just what we do to keep our computers and phones running at their best.

We'd be crazy to not do these updates, right?

Otherwise our phones and computers won't run as smoothly as they should.

Yet most people tend to avoid these personal updates that come up in life and they put themselves (health, mindset, finances, relationships) at risk.

When it comes to our health and fitness, we get these same software and operating system update opportunities all the time, only they come in the form of challenges, adversities, and problems.