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Water & Weight Loss

You wouldn't Adam & Eve it if I said that i've had members lose weight and feel 100% better in a matter of DAYS by simply implementing this formula I am about to share with you.

OK so water....nothing complicated about it and it plays a number of vital roles within your body, in fact, it's literally a do or die situation when it comes to losing weight.

I've had past & present clients see amazing results JUST by monitoring their water levels.

Here are a few reasons WHY you should monitor your water levels daily;

  1. Water is your body's transport system, it carries the nutrients that you eat to the relevant organs and muscle tissues within your body allowing them to perform efficiently.

  2. Water allows your muscles to absorb the nutrients that you eat, without water, your muscles cannot absorb the good food you are putting in.

  3. Water is our ONLY source of hydration, and should be consumed daily. If you feel thirsty, then you are not just in need of a top up, you are literally well within the danger zone when it comes to hydration. In fact most people live most days SEVERELY dehydrated and think it's completely normal.

So, I guess the other question is how will you feel if you DON'T drink enough water?

You will feel bloated, slow, lethargic, moody, tired & dopey, you will feel lack of concentration, lack of brain power, focus and motivation.

Water is vital for your BRAIN power & can massively affect how you think, react & learn.

FACT!!! >>

Drinking fizzy drinks & alcohol actually encourages dehydration. For every glass of coke/wine/beer you have, your body loses around EIGHT glasses of water.

Right, let's work out how much water you REALLY need to be drinking....

To work out exactly the amount of water you need take your bodyweight in lbs and halving it.

This is the number of fluid ounces (floz) you need to be drinking EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If you are unsure about floz then you can easily convert your number into litres via a google converter.

So, for example: if you weight 140lbs, then you need to be drinking 70floz per day to stay healthy, alert, happy and lose the weight!!

Remember though, in heat or during/after exercise you'll need to replenish what gets sweated out, so you'll need to top up a bit.

On top of all those benefits drinking water will also help your:

  • kidney function

  • blood flow

  • mood

  • hair

  • skin

  • energy levels

  • and hygiene

And a quick indicator of how well you're hydrated or not is to keep an eye on your pee colour.

I know I know, as much as you don't want to discuss it, being a pee pervert is actually an important job.

Almost clear & non-smelling pee means you are well hydrated - give yourself a pat on the back

Any dark/smelling stuff is BAD BAD BAD - no pat on the back, go directly to the tap and do not collect £200 if you pass go.

So bottom line....drinking water = weight loss

Who knew?

I cover all of this and more as part of my UNSTOPPABLE 28 Day Coaching Programme.

Not only do you receive fitness coaching sessions with the Perth Fitness Camp team but you'll receive daily coaching and support.

UNSTOPPABLE is the perfect place to kick off your fitness journey and its backed by a 100% money back guarantee...

No that's not a typo, I did write 100%. If you follow my advice and complete the training and see and feel no change in 28 days i'll give you your money back!!

If you found this post useful, please feel free to share it with your friends & family on social media or send the link in an email.

Any questions feel free to contact me and i'll answer.

Chat Soon


Coach @ The Perth Fitness Camp

PS. Not ready to commit to a coaching programme just yet, that's cool.... why not grab a copy of my FREE book 'Fat Loss Simplified' and discover how to lose weight and keep it off for good without all the fads, gimmicks and dieting nonsense.

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