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The Powerful Onion Diet

So i'm a bit of a foodie and do my bit in the kitchen but i'm no gourmet cook.....

Although i'll have a go.

I spent a fair bit of time watching my mum baking and cooking back in the day, mostly because there was a spoon and bowl at the end of it...those were the days!!

I do like to dabble I suppose.

But I do love a good curry with naan bread etc.

(which, you CAN eat inside my flagship UNSTOPPABLE 28 Day Challenge)

There's one thing I've always wondered though, because I always end up looking like an emotional wreck.

So it led me to google THAT question >>>>>

"How do you cut onions without crying?"

The answers certainly surprised me...

- Use a very sharp knife when cutting onions...

- Chill the onion in the freezer for 10 - 15 minutes before cutting them...

- Cut the onion underwater

- Cut the onion near hot running water or a cloud of steam

- Breathe through your mouth and stick your tongue out...

- Soak the onion in water...

And I have to tell you...

the ONLY one that didn't work for me?

Sticking my bloody tongue out, can you Adam & Eve it?

I'm sure someone was pulling my plonker when they gave that as a solution.

What's all this got to do with getting in shape?


It's actually very powerful

See, many people think that getting in shape has to be "PAINFUL"

That it's 'no-pain-no gain'

That you have to starve yourself

That you have to ban certain foods

And that you have to 'train insane or stay the same'

ALL OF THAT ^^^^^^^


At the Perth Fitness Camp my aim is to educate new and ongoing clients so they are at the very cutting edge of nutrition, check this out from Karen:

"Jason is supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable and always there. In my time with him I have rediscovered my waist! Dropped two dress sizes, I ran Total Warrior last year in a time I was so proud of, and this year have run three extreme 10k's. The nutrition knowledge has changed my life"

I suppose what i'm trying to say is getting in shape, losing pounds and inches and feeling great DOESN'T have to make you cry

and you don't have to stick your tongue out either 😜

the truth is?

I wouldn't have all the success stories I do if it was 'that' hard

So listen, if you're ready to stop messing around with things that don't work and are just TOO HARD to stick to...

and get BRILLIANT results.

My Flagship UNSTOPPABLE 28 Day Coaching Programme is the perfect place to kick off your fitness journey and its backed by a 100% money back guarantee...

Any questions let me know

Jason 'Pickled' Brownlie

Coach @ The Perth Fitness Camp

PS. Not ready to commit to a coaching programme just yet? No problem.

Kickstart your health and fitness journey with my FREE book 'Fat Loss Simplified' and discover how to lose weight and keep it off for good without all the fads, gimmicks and dieting nonsense.

Pop your details below and i'll send it to you straight away.


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