The Powerful Onion Diet

So i'm a bit of a foodie and do my bit in the kitchen but i'm no gourmet cook.....

Although i'll have a go.

I spent a fair bit of time watching my mum baking and cooking back in the day, mostly because there was a spoon and bowl at the end of it...those were the days!!

I do like to dabble I suppose.

But I do love a good curry with naan bread etc.

(which, you CAN eat inside my flagship 28 Day Kickstart Programme)

There's one thing I've always wondered though, because I always end up looking like an emotional wreck.

So it led me to google THAT question >>>>>

"How do you cut onions without crying?"

The answers certainly surprised me...

- Use a very sharp knife when cutting onions...

- Chill the onion in the freezer for 10 - 15 minutes before cutting them...

- Cut the onion underwater

- Cut the onion