The 6 Pack Myth

This is such a cool exercise that I normally only share with my clients, but hey

I'd love you to give it a go and let me know how it works for you.


I know you're busy.


I need you to set aside just a few minutes right now to do this exercise.

Let's assume that you make a decision to transform your health and your body.

Totally commit to it.

Ever dreamt of a six pack?

Have some fun then.

Imagine yourself with a six pack right now.

Don't stop there though.

If you have a six pack then the chances are you will also have leaner arms and body.

Your upper body is a V- shape or strong looking.

You look 10 years younger than you do currently.

Nice clothes start to fit you really well.

Whilst on holiday around the pool, you take your top off or wear a bikini and feel great about yourself.

Your partner / wife / husband looks at you and just thinks WOW - you're all mine!

How do you feel about yourself?

  • More confident?

  • More connected?

  • More vitality?