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The 6 Pack Myth

This is such a cool exercise that I normally only share with my clients, but hey

I'd love you to give it a go and let me know how it works for you.


I know you're busy.


I need you to set aside just a few minutes right now to do this exercise.

Let's assume that you make a decision to transform your health and your body.

Totally commit to it.

Ever dreamt of a six pack?

Have some fun then.

Imagine yourself with a six pack right now.

Don't stop there though.

If you have a six pack then the chances are you will also have leaner arms and body.

Your upper body is a V- shape or strong looking.

You look 10 years younger than you do currently.

Nice clothes start to fit you really well.

Whilst on holiday around the pool, you take your top off or wear a bikini and feel great about yourself.

Your partner / wife / husband looks at you and just thinks WOW - you're all mine!

How do you feel about yourself?

  • More confident?

  • More connected?

  • More vitality?

  • Proud of what you've achieved?

  • Inspirational to others?

More than likely a bit of all of the above.

Here lies the key.

It's not the six pack that you want.

It's the way that a six pack makes you feel. - It's the feeling.

Just like it's not the rolex watch that people want

It's the way that wearing a rolex makes you feel.

The problem is that so much time is wasted in our lives on chasing a dream that may or may not ever happen

...and it's done at the expense of living and appreciating what we have right now.

You can manipulate this whole scenario by having that aspirational FEELING - right now!!

As long as you start making steps in the right direction.

I guarantee that you can start to have all of those feelings described above within just 7 days from today.


Commit to a 4-12 week health or fitness related goal.

Write down at least 5 reasons why this goal is important to you to achieve.

Reduce the amount of wheat/gluten and sugar you're eating.

Drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

Start to workout at least every other day - even if just for 30 minutes each time.

Start to track your results.

Write down what you're grateful for right now - focus on the things that you have rather than don't have.

The things that you can do rather than can't do.

Here's what happens within 7 days:

More water, more veggies, better food = more energy and better quality sleep, and more focus at work (no more mid afternoon crashes in energy)

Start exercising = initial muscle aches and soreness that serves as a reminder that you're getting fit.

Gratitude for what you have already = realising that you're one hell of a lucky guy and you're super pumped about finally sorting your health out

Confidence starts to increase and you have a spring in your step again.

You don't need the 6 pack to feel like this.

If you found this post useful please share it with friends, family, work colleagues or who you feel may benefit from it.

Chat soon


Coach @ The Perth Fitness Camp

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