Introduction to Nutrition

Now i'm not a big quote fan but I like this from Ann ⬇️

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison” ~ Ann Wigmore

So in the words of House of Pain "Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin"

Now i'm not going to vajazzle and dazzle you with cool words and jargon that nobody understands, this whole lifestyle change gig should be kept simple...

Never should it be complicated, if you ever hear yourself say it, go straight to the corner, place your hands on your head and stand there for 30 minutes and face the wall by order of the peaky blinders 🤣

Here’s something that I have found out about nutrition when it comes to people trying to get in great shape, this includes men and women.

Most people know what’s considered healthy and not healthy.

Most people know that eating foods that contain lots of wheat and gluten and lots of sugar (in whatever form) is not great for a lean looking body.

Most people know that alcohol and fizzy drinks are not good for our bodies.


We go ahead and drink it all anyway.

The food marketing companies know all this and know exactly what we are thinking!!!

They know that we’re worried about eating too much fat.

So what do they do?

Introduce LOW FAT and FAT FREE foods!!!

Here’s a conversation from the boardroom of a food marketing company that is trying to drive sales in order to please their shareholders (this is my spin on it, not an actual conversation that happened)

Bob: “I know, let’s remove the fat that is naturally found in this food because we know that’s what people believe is bad for them”

Gladys: “But that makes it taste shit”

Bob: “We could add loads of sugar to it. That always makes stuff taste better”

Gladys: “But that will be even worse for them than if we had left the fat in it”

Bob: “They don’t know that….. and at least when we can put our new ‘low fat’ sticker on them… which means we will sell more”

We as consumers now feel good that we’re taking another step forward in the right direction of a lean looking body without having to deprive ourselves of the things we love – low fat cheese, low fat yoghurt, low fat cake, skinny latte, low fat chocolate, coors lite, bud lite.

We (YOU) are being fooled/tricked into thinking that this is good and in fact, most of the time it’s causing even more damage internally than eating the full fat stuff.

Let that marinade for a second…..

…….It’s true

Fat is NOT the enemy here.

This is one of the moments th