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How I Got Rid Of The Fat

I remember being in my teens and looking at middle aged men while on holiday and thinking

"I'm NEVER gonna get some of them" (referring to man boobs!)

How embarrassing.

They're just a bit weird.

What a shock then a few years back when I saw a photo of myself with a couple of those bad boys forming.

I mean they weren't big enough for me to cup them but they were big enough for others to mention them.

"You got man boobs Jase"

Joking aside.

This was serious.

I felt really paranoid.

I covered up in XL shirts

Cut a long story short, I got in great shape.

Dropped my body fat from 32% down to 11%.

Got fit and strong.

....loved it all so much that I then left my previous career working for the railway to go back to university as a mature student and study sport science.

Anyway, I kind of figured that there may be others out there that are in a similar boat to what I was in

which is exactly why I now help over 30's men & women get in amazing shape.

Build a strong and healthy body.

Shred some of that fat around the waist.

Boost energy levels.

...and just start feeling like you did in your 20s again.

Here are 3 tips to start with:

1) Cut down on sugar (drinks, booze, crisps, cakes etc), I said cut down, NOT completely eliminate

2) Exercise using resistance and an interval style of cardio at least 3 times per week (bodyweight, kettlebells and free weights are all good resistance training methods) around training just move... get out and walk, cycle, swim, do the gardening.... just keep yourself active and if you count steps then aim for between 10-15,000 per day but don't stress out if you don't hit the numbers every day.

Doing something is better than doing absolutely nothing!

3) Eat more protein, more veggies, more good fats and drink plenty of water

Give that a go for a week and notice how much more energy, how much less bloated you are

and importantly

how the body starts shrinking!!

I won't sit here typing this and lie though..... it takes a very focused mind and patience to achieve the results you want.

But I can assure you the rewards are worth it.

I'm doing things now that I would never have thought possible.

Over my 20 years in the industry I have seen so many people transform their lives through fitness, many have gone on to become trainers themselves.

I thank fitness for everything, without that change all those years ago I would never have met my wife, had my two beautiful daughters, achieved numerous fitness related goals, turned to obstacle racing to focus my training on something specific and helped countless people in Perth and across the UK and beyond to be better versions of themselves.

Sounds cheesy but it pretty much saved me.

What I will say is and I say this quite a lot to people.... don't rely on hope

Hope is not a strategy

Don't wait for the perfect time to start

A bit like a quick fix, the perfect time doesn't exist

Start where you are right now.

Jason Brownlie

Coach @ The Perth Fitness Camp

P.S. Seriously just try the above for 7 days. You'll notice a difference.

Whenever you're ready to get back in shape, improve your health, have more energy and feel more confident, my UNSTOPPABLE 28 Day Coaching Programme could be the perfect start you need to guarantee success.

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