Flourless Chocolate Cake

"Oh but isn't this supposed to be a fitness and healthy eating blog...."

Who said that?

Ain't nobody got time for being a goodie two shoes all day every day

Anyone who knows anything about fat loss, weight loss, whatever you want to call it, you'll know that counting calories is about as reliable as the scottish weather

and that any food good or bad can help you pile on the pounds if you overeat enough of it.

Now let's get back to chit chatting about cake :)

Yes you can have your cake and eat it.

And i'm going to share my world famous flourless chocolate cake recipe.....

Okay, maybe it's not world famous but if you like it and share it with others it could be right?

Get your cooking utensils ready, we're going in...


- 10 oz dark chocolate (70% or higher), broken into pieces.