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Carbohydrates For Dummies

Don't worry i'm not calling you a dummy

However we do not get taught this stuff at school, so I am writing it all down for you.

Poorly educated choices and of course lack of exercise explain why I was fat throughout my twenties.


What is a carb?

It's a type of macronutrient, it sits with fat and protein.

A carb typically consists of starch, sugars or fibre.

Yep that means sugar is a type of carb, if you look at the side of any food it will say carbohydrates followed by 'of which sugars'

So if its 50g carbs of which sugars 25g.... half of its content is sugar.

Make sense?

What foods are carbs?

For poor quality carb types think:

waffles donuts crisps sweets chocolate sausage rolls pastries white pasta pizza garlic bread white bread cereals

Look at the above as refined sh*t but OK minimally 🤷🏻‍♂️

For better quality carb types think:

Sweet potatoes Rice Porridge oats (gluten free where possible) Lentils Beans (not heinz) Quinoa


Getting a good chunk of your daily intake from veggies is one of the best decisions that you can make regarding your long term health.

All of the minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are found in fruits are found in good quality vegetables as well – and then some.

And veggies are also a great fibrous carb.

Good choices:

  • Broccoli

  • Cauliflower

  • Asparagus

  • Peppers

  • Cabbage

  • Onions

  • Mushrooms

  • Carrots

  • Brussels

Why do we need carbs?

Carbs are ENERGY, nothing else, literally just energy

You can not use it for other stuff.... well you could if you enjoy flappy arm training 🤣

COOL FACT >> We can turn protein and fats into carbs but we cannot turn carbs into protein and fats

There you go, you can impress your work colleague with that fact

When it comes to carbs they can go one of two ways.

1) to be used

2) to be stored

It's a bit like money, if you do not spend it, it's left in your bank growing.

Where are my banks?

Good question.

the answer >> 2 places, fat cells and muscle cells

Place #1:

Muscle cells, we store carbohydrates in the form of glycogen in muscles ready to be used. Once we use it all up we get fatigued.

This is why you WANT carbs for optimal performance.

More muscle = more storage of carbs

This is why Mr Bodybuilder can eat a lot of junk food and still look lean as!

Place #2

Fat cells.

So if you're Mr or Mrs Park Run Cardio, gettin' your sweat on each day and you do not have much muscle mass you have limited storage capacity in those muscles and you'll store it in fat cells

Also if you're a couch potato and eating too many carbs you're forcing your bodies ability to store it.

Moving more empties muscles and allows space to put that stored stuff

Are all carbs equal?

Nope, they affect our blood sugar level differently. They have been given a GI index which is how fast they spike our blood.

To keep it stupid simple, we do not want to spike it too fast.

Sugary foods do this so avoid or drastically reduce them when you can.

Prime example >> have you ever had a spike of energy after munching on a chocolate bar that is soon followed by a crash about 45 minutes later - that is why.

and generally another reason that we look for the next fix.

Stick to veg carbs!

They are much more nutritious and are broken down much slower by the body.

So are a great source of steady energy.

Where do carbs fit into your daily diet?

Your carb intake really does depend on:

- Goals ie: fat loss or muscle gain - Activity level ie: sedentary or strength train - Carb source ie: processed or starch - Genetics ie: body types

Bottom line: EARN them first

Pre workout is a good time to eat some type of carb and post workout is the ABSOLUTE best time, you have an open window to eat some quality carbs with some protein – your body will be craving it as well.

Ie: Chicken with veggies and brown rice/jacket potato


Porridge with milled chia seeds, ground flax, crushed walnuts and berries

I hope this has shown how crucial getting the right nutrition is?

Especially if fat loss is your overall goal!!!

If you found this useful, feel free to share on your socials. Spread the word.


Jason 'all carbed up' Brownlie

Coach @ The Perth Fitness Camp

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Coach @ The Perth Fitness Camp

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