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Can fruit make you fat?

*****Deep breath****


Yes in theory

Here me out before you go and throw that banana in the bin (JB loves bananas)

But first let me get one thing straight, I very RARELY meet someone who has deep emotional connections to fruit and binge eats behind closed doors with huge amounts of guilt but I always here this question.

Is fruit good for you?

My usual answer, IT DEPENDS!

"There is no such thing as a bad food, just a bad diet". (Lord, L, 2014)

Fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals which is cool, you probably do not get enough.

Fruit also contains carbs, as it is a carb, all fruits are carbs, so are vegetables.

You probably eat too many carbs, we all do.

But Jason carbs are cool and we need them for HIIT and Deadlifting and stuff like that right?

Yes - but.... remember mon ami, not all carbs are equal

The carb content of fruit is sugar, the majority of the sugar is called fructose.

Here's the kicker, fructose CANNOT pass into muscle tissue as energy nor can it be readily used like other carbs and sugars.

Fructose has a role where it helps your liver, once it has done that it will circulate and get turned

into body fat.

So if you're giving up breads and cereals and smashing loads of fruit it's a bit similar to giving

up cider and drinking more beer.

If you are going to lower carb intake, you will need to lower your fruit too unfortunately, however it is rarely the sole reason someone is fat.

Chances are if you are carrying excess body fat two things are probable:

1) You eat and drink too much (of the wrong things)

2) You do not 'handle' carbs well (not everyone does)

If you do not 'handle' carbs well they play havoc on your blood sugar - this is something you DO NOT WANT, especially first thing in the morning (breakfast).

Like I mentioned before

But to keep it simple

Stick to veggies and berries, cherries, apples and pears (all low GI carbs)

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Jason 'Feeling Healthier' Brownlie

Coach @ The Perth Fitness Camp

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