Are Carbs The Devil Wearing Prada?

OK so in today's lesson >> Carbohydrates for dummies

Now hold your horses, I am not calling you a dummy!

However, we do not get taught this stuff at school, so I am helping to educate you myself.

Poorly educated choices explain why I was overweight until I was in my late twenties.


Carbs are another nutrient that has come under a lot of stick over the past few years... and it's completely wrong to categorise a whole nutrient group as bad.

The question is are they naughty or nice....Are Carbs The devil Wearing Prada?

What is a carb?

It’s a type of macronutrient, it sits with fat and protein.

A carb typically consists of starch, sugars or fibre.

Yep that means sugar is a type of carb, if you look at the side of any food label it will say carbohydrates followed by 'of which sugars'