Are Carbs The Devil Wearing Prada?

OK so in today's lesson >> Carbohydrates for dummies

Now hold your horses, I am not calling you a dummy!

However, we do not get taught this stuff at school, so I am helping to educate you myself.

Poorly educated choices explain why I was overweight until I was in my late twenties.


Carbs are another nutrient that has come under a lot of stick over the past few years... and it's completely wrong to categorise a whole nutrient group as bad.

The question is are they naughty or nice....Are Carbs The devil Wearing Prada?

What is a carb?

It’s a type of macronutrient, it sits with fat and protein.

A carb typically consists of starch, sugars or fibre.

Yep that means sugar is a type of carb, if you look at the side of any food label it will say carbohydrates followed by 'of which sugars'

So if its 50g carbs of which sugars 25g

...half its carb content is sugar.

Make sense?

What foods are carbs

There are loads of crap quality carbs (simple carbs) out there that I would recommend you try and drastically reduce or avoid completely.

Things such as: