11 Simple Tips For Women To Lose The Belly FAST!!!

Lets not hang about and dive straight into what these 11 tips are.

Tip One

First off, and most importantly, understand that you cannot spot reduce fat. Meaning, there is no exercise, diet, pill, trick, hack or secret to get fat specifically off your belly, or any other trouble area.

Where body fat comes off of first and last is primarily determined by your genetics and there's nothing you can do to change it.

The good news is, ALL body fat will go eventually, if you follow everything else on this list.....

Tip Two

Do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT, under any circumstance, try any dumb shit like keto, fasting, detox, pills, shakes, etc.


Tip Three

Increase your daily activity. Like, probably more than walking to the fridge, preferably :)