10 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

1. There

2. Is

3. No

4. Fecking

5. Way

6. To

7. Boost

8. Your

9. Metabolism

10. Besides nutrition and exercise

.....and now you know.


Look, the only way to improve your metabolism is by increasing your activity level (both exercise and non-exercise) - which in turn also builds muscle and will increase your metabolism even further.

And lets not forget about following a proper nutrition plan with adequate amounts of protein and fibre and by getting plenty of sleep each night.

That's literally it.... so simple!!!

Anybody telling you otherwise or promoting some shitty pyramid scheme products or supplements that claim to do so, can go eat a bag of dog crap.

Anytime that I scroll through my flakebook and I see anybody on my friends list selling shite like ketones, herbalife, fasting plans, Itworks (hint: it DOESN'T work) or any other BS product trying to promote boosting the metabolism.

They get instantly removed from my friends list.


There is zero tolerance for this crap around here

You're not helping yourself, you're not helping your friends, you're not helping your customers...