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Mr FUSS-POT and his HILARIOUS plastic bag

I remember a while back when me and the family were on our travels

We were heading to the security checkpoint at Cancun Airport I think it was

Minding my own business I overheard a guy having right moan at himself

"2 Dollars for a plastic bag? off"

See, Mr Fusspot had his knickers all in a twist about having to put his 'cosmetics' in a clear plastic bag...

as to the security rules, you know?

In fact, the bloke REFUSED to pay that measly $2 (about £1) for his bag

Meanwhile, I must admit it was pure comedy gold to watch at how much of a fuss this guy was making

But the best part (well not for Mr Fussy Pants)

When he got to security...

he got all his cosmetics and stuff CONFISCATED

for the sake of a pound...1 english pound

I'd estimate he had AT LEAST 100 quids worth of stuff with him

I'm sure I clocked some clarins and hugo boss aftershave... put it this way it wasn't old spice or brut :)

The lesson for you, mon a VERY simple one

But crucial, nonetheless

If you're always going for the CHEAPEST when it comes to getting in shape, losing weight and improving your confidence?

Don't be surprised when it comes back to bite you on the ass and ends up COSTING you money

.....think about it

look at all the money you've already spent on gyms, diets and other stuff (I know, not pretty, I did it myself once)

and consider, that trying to save money actually COSTS you money

and that, my friend is one of the reasons why the Perth Fitness Camp gets such KILLER results

because we're NOT the cheapest but WE ARE the BEST at what we do

(those two never go in the same sentence)

and that's also why i'm able to offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

yep if you don't see and feel results you signed up for (and you put in the work)


In fact i'll give you double your money back.

read again ^^^^^^^

Does being part of the Perth Fitness Camp team sound like a 'must do' for you?

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Chat soon


Coach @ The Perth Fitness Camp

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