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Gordon Ramsays Fitness Nightmares

This programme never gets old

I'd sat down after catching up with my team the other night

and was flicking through the channels as you do

I stumbled across an episode of 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares'

I like Ramsay actually

passionate guy

skilled. No BS

And has created some very successful businesses

Doesn't mind the odd F-bomb either

Anyhoo, as you may or may not know

Failing restaurant owners call in big Gordon and ask for his help as they're making no money

He goes in

Tells them where they're going wrong. shows them what to change and makes those changes

More often than not it's a big change in fortunes

But here's what really gets my goat (whatever the hell that means - feel free to reply and let me know)

These stoopid, skint and stubborn restaurant owners DON'T LISTEN

They revert back to the old ways

Despite it being GLARINGLY obvious that what they're doing isn't working

and how do we know it isn't working?

You got it...their RESULTS

You know what i'm going to say here

I've lost count how many people have reached out to me...

Struggling with their weight loss

Feeling like crap


lacking confidence

tried everything

Yet, when I give them some ideas on what to do and even show them the results I get on my fitness programme

they still do nowt and I get it.... some people are okay with staying where they are

but when they do take action?


Amazing things happen when you take action

If you're NOT willing to stay the way you are with your lack of energy, current health and body right now and want a complete body, health & lifestyle transformation then you're in luck...

I hope you found this useful, if so feel free to share it with friends, family, work colleagues and anyone who you think will benefit from it.

Jason 'Yes Chef' Brownlie

Coach @ The Perth Fitness Camp

PS. I'm looking to work with a few more over 30's men and women from the Perth area who are looking to get back in shape, improve their health and feel more confident about themselves.

I'll be honest, i'm only looking to work with serious men and women who are going to put in the effort and not waste time and money.

If investing money on your health terrifies you, then this probably isn't for you.

However if you're ready for change, watch this first...

For all the details and to join UNSTOPPABLE go here >>

If you're not quite ready to commit just yet, why not grab a copy of my FREE book 'Fat Loss Simplified' and discover how to lose weight and keep it off for good without all the fads, gimmicks and dieting nonsense.

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