Gordon Ramsays Fitness Nightmares

This programme never gets old

I'd sat down after catching up with my team the other night

and was flicking through the channels as you do

I stumbled across an episode of 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares'

I like Ramsay actually

passionate guy

skilled. No BS

And has created some very successful businesses

Doesn't mind the odd F-bomb either

Anyhoo, as you may or may not know

Failing restaurant owners call in big Gordon and ask for his help as they're making no money

He goes in

Tells them where they're going wrong. shows them what to change and makes those changes

More often than not it's a big change in fortunes

But here's what really gets my goat (whatever the hell that means - feel free to reply and let me know)

These stoopid, skint and stubborn restaurant owners DON'T LISTEN

They revert back to the old ways

Despite it being GLARINGLY obvious that what they're doing isn't working

and how do we know it isn't working?