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The 4 Most Common Reasons People Struggle To Get Results

Creating a complete body transformation is a slow and patient process.

Yep, sorry to burst the bubble that there is no magic fairy dust, lotion, potion or quick fix that will see you achieve instant results that you'll be able to sustain for life.

Consistency = results. If you can get into the habit of a consistent routine. You win the fitness game. You stand out from the crowd and your friends and family start asking you how you didi it.

But right now everything you do is sloppy, you've followed every diet and fad under the sun, but just can't seem to get off the dieting rollercoaster.

You HATE the process and wish there was a solution to make the pain of diets and gimmicks go away.

For once you want to something that's sustainable for life.

These feelings are the results of four things.


You Lack Consistency

You're training one or two times a week, then skip a week or two.

You have a gym membership and have no real progress training in place.

You want to workout but don't know where to start or how to get results. You've even considered crappy shakes for fast results (please don't)

Bottom line: You don't have a clearly defined goal and are stuck when it comes to your progress


You're Stuck On The Dieting Rollercoaster

You've never 'fully' committed to your transformation due to following idiotic diets, conflicting information on nutrition or just aren't sure on what to do

Now, imagine how EASY it would be to get in shape if you didn't have to worry about that.

It would be so much simpler to follow through with your health & fitness goals and achieve your dream body if you had the support, knowledge and motivation to see it through.


You've Got No One To Turn To When The Shit Hits The Fan

Forget the 'celeb' instagram famous gurus and there hacks and tricks for a sec. They're your best mate when they are selling you something. but if things don't work out or you need support and guidance they ghost you and you're left hanging for an answer that never comes.

Going it alone and trying to figure everything out yourself is only going to slow you down and hold you back


You Workout Without Structure Or A Plan

You hop from one diet or training programme to the other hoping that this time is "the miracle" you've been looking for for years.

As every diet or gym or training programme flops you start to wonder whether you're capable of getting it right.

But when you do get the strategy right and have a defined plan it's NEVER too late to turn it all around.

Now imagine if anyone could combine all of these struggles, flip turn them on their head and give them something to really sink your teeth into....

Weight loss, fat loss, whatever you want to call it is hard, but it shouldn't be made out to be complicated.

Simplicity wins, every time.

The basics will ALWAYS take you further than any "secrets" or "magic" pills.... focus on simple steps that will lead to the best long-term results.

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