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Open For Motivation

From personal experience, a dose of motivation will change your life almost overnight.

I spent the majority of my 20's overweight, out of shape, unhappy, covering up and had zero confidence.

I had my wake up call and decided that I couldn't live like this anymore. Fitness changed my life and probably saved it if i'm being honest.

The best part of my job is seeing clients achieve amazing results. Where they drop a few sizes, lose the baby weight, get off their blood pressure meds, or shrink their waist, the excitement is always contagious.


There really isn't a clear way to describe the euphoria that settles in once you've realised your fitness goal. You have to experience it.

Though each successful client is unique with different goals, one element unites them.


They are highly motivated.


You see, i am in a unique position.


I know how to get you (or anyone else who joins me) into great shape.


I can coach you through a 30lb weight loss.


I can guide you to a healthier body.


I can even train you to have a leaner and stronger body shape.


But there is one catch


You'll need to be motivated.


Just saying you want to get into great shape isn't enough.


You need motivation and that's just half the equation. The other part (and the most important) is ACTION.

While I may not know your story, it's probably safe to assume that you are dissatisfied with your body and know that you can improve your fitness level.


You want to look better, to have more energy, to experience fewer aches and pains, and to enjoy sweet satisfaction as you achieve your goals once and for all.


All the clients I have coached over the years were once in your shoes. 


They wanted to change their bodies. They felt urgency. And then they did what most fail to do. 


They took action and contacted me.

"Signing up to the Perth Fitness Camp was the best thing I could have done!

After 3 months of attending fitness camp and following Jason's nutrition plan, I have lost 22lb and dropped 3 dress sizes!!

Attending has not only made me feel better about myself but it has also changed my outlook. It has now become a lifestyle change rather than following a diet.

I think more about what i'm eating. The sessions are great fun, not one the same.

Everyone is welcoming and friendly! Jason is full of support and encouragement to help you achieve your goals.

I would recommend the Perth Fitness Camp to everyone. The results are amazing. ~ Lauren C

They then committed to a programme, put in the exercise, stuck to the nutrition advice given and smashed their goals.


There's nothing more gratifying than getting back into those jeans that sit at the back of your wardrobe.


People who take massive action get massive rewards. 


And those who simply talk about losing weight will continue to put weight on, pound after pound. 


I hate to put it that way, but it's true.


So what do you want?


-To drop 20lbs

-To feel younger

-To look better in your bithday suit

-To become healthier


How bad do you want it? How much motivation do you have? 


Enough to take MASSIVE ACTION? 


The rewards are great if you do. 


Your first step is to go here

and find out how my my Perth Fitness Camp Coaching Programme can transform your health and body shape while upgrading your entire lifestyle.

If you found this post useful, feel free to share it, you never know it may motivate someone else to start.



Jason 'Took the leap' Brownlie

Coach @ The Perth Fitness Camp

PS. If you're an over 30's man or woman from the Perth area who is looking to get back in shape, improve your health, have more energy and feel more confident about yourself then my UNSTOPPABLE Coaching Programme could be perfect for you.

Not quite ready to commit to a coaching programme?

No probs, why not get a FREE copy of my book 'Fat Loss Simplified' and discover how to lose weight and keep it off for good without all the fads, gimmicks and diet nonsense.

Pop your details below and i'll send it to you straight away....


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