Do Calories Count?

So right now all over social media its calorie deficit this and calorie deficit that

Sensationalised by so called "celebrity" trainers

and yes in a way it's true, but let's get back to talking about sustainability

Are you REALLY going to keep track of your calories all the bloody time?

Come on be honest????

I tried to do it and well that was a pants experience, so since 2002 I haven't counted calories, have remained a 32" waist and only weigh myself before and after I go on holiday just for sheer sh*ts and giggles.

But it's the kind of things you hear all the time from most dieters.

"Do I need to count calories"

As i've said my experience of counting calories is really NOT a good way to lose weight and usually makes the whole fat loss experience way more complex and stressful than it should be.

A Calorie is NOT a Calorie

First things first. All calories are NOT created equal.

Anyone telling you that ALL that matters for fat loss is the number of calories you eat is either oversimplifying science or simply ignorant.

Let’s look at the facts: