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Are You A Over 30's Man or Woman From Perth Who Wants To Drop The Unwanted Inches, Look Leaner, Improve Your Health And Fitness, And Feel More Confident Than You Have In Years?

2021 Is ALL About You!!

The Next 6-Week Fitter Body Kickstart Programme 

Starts: 2nd June 2021

pfc training.jpg

Welcome to The 6 Week Kickstart


  • Feeling healthier

  • Looking in the mirror and feeling inflated

  • Having more energy

  • Being able to eat without feeling guilty

  • How good it will feel to eat foods you love knowing that they're going towards building a lean physique instead of worrying about them making you feel fat

  • Fitting into smaller clothes

  • Better quality skin

  • Being able to lose fat or build muscle, or gain strength with ease

  • The feeling when others compliment you

  • Being better educated about food

  • Having better quality sleep

  • Enhanced metabolism, so you burn more fat at rest

  • Decreased stress and tension

  • Finally creating a sustainable lifestyle




Read on for more info ⬇️⬇️

The Next 6-Week Fitter Body Kickstart Programme 

Starts: 2nd June 2021

Where & When Do We Train?

Training Days & Times

You choose which days & times you attend. They are your sessions to do as you wish

6:15 - 7am: Mon, Wed

6:30 - 7:15pm: Mon, Wed

7:30 - 8:30am: Sat

Location: North Inch Park, Perth


Here's What You Will Get On The Programme:

  • Drop 12-19lbs without having to starve yourself on rice cakes and lettuce

  • ​Drop 1-2 dress sizes

  • ​Get into the BEST Shape of your life

  •  Lose 3-6 inches from your waist

  •  Reduce cellulite from your legs

  •  FAT LOSS WORKOUTS: 3 high calorie FAT BLASTING workouts with a highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainer each week for 6 weeks [value £199]

  •  LIFESTYLE NUTRITION: Nutrition guidelines / flexible meal plans to suit your likes and dislikes / online nutrition coaching & support  [value £149]

  •  ULTIMATE FOCUS: Mindset, Focus and Motivation tools so that you stay on track throughout [value £129]

  •  ACCOUNTABILITY: Regular measurement and weight readings so we can make sure you hit your goals [value £49]

  • COMMUNITY: 24/7 access and support with the rest of the PFC community page where everyone helps , inspires, motivates each other [value £79]

  • ONLINE COACHING: You will be fully supported and coached away from sessions so that you get the very best service, advice and accountability

  • HOME WORKOUTS: If you cant make sessions you will also be given workouts to follow at home 💃🏻💦

 Get ALL this for just £99

Limited Spaces - Places Cannot Be Reserved

Next Programme Starts 2nd June 2021

Complete Application & Join

Why This Programme Gets Proven Results!!

JB 1.jpg

From: Jason Brownlie Coach

Because I have coached 100's of men and women....

I'm going to take a punt and guess right now that you've tried the DVD's, the dance classes, the gym pump classes, the treadmill, running, walking, sit ups, juicing, shady shakes, Weight Watchers or Slimming World, and may be even the odd gym programme


....... and as much as they may have worked for a while, none of it was long lasting?

As a result of this you may even be starting to believe that you are destined to be like this forever. Put it down to middle age, life, work, having kids etc.



- It's so exhausting just saying all of that let alone actually doing it all.

'The Perth Fitness Camp is the number one outdoor fitness coaching programme lead by a highly qualified fitness & nutrition coach and an authority figure in getting dramatic lifestyle changing results for clients'

OK Brace Yourself....Thats All Rubbish - Don't Let Your Mind Trick You

1. YOU Are Not A Failure: I tell my kids all the time "You only fail if you give up"

2. YOU Are Capable Of Achieving Great Things: That right now will seem impossible

3. It Is Not Your Fault That These Previous Attempts Haven't Worked: The industry preys on you failing, especially around Christmas and New Year!!!!!

Whats Wrong With Dieting?

I am a product of the dieting culture, I would constantly deprive myself of nice foods, nights out, chocolate and red wine because I was 'ON A DIET"


The very word suggests SHORT TERM which means there is an end to the diet which also means you will then go back to 'Normal'


So whilst there might be some short term results whilst on the diet, it all comes back when you come off it - most of the time due to the change in metabolism you end up even bigger than before ....arghhhhh! 😣 

So Yes, I've Been There...

me before and after.gif

So What Changed?

  •  I STOPPED Dieting: Yep I got into great shape whilst still enjoying red wine and chocolate 😘 [aka LIFESTYLE NUTRITION]

  • ​I Learned About The Most Effective Fat Loss Exercises [stuff that would zap all the wobbly bits and make you leaner (toned)] [aka FAT LOSS WORKOUTS]

  •  I Worked On My Focus And Mindset So That I Stayed Motivated [aka ULTIMATE FOCUS]


Then I Became A Personal Trainer

So that I could help others learn all this stuff

PFC Emma.jpg

“I joined the PFC to find some much needed energy and fitness me-time juggling work and 3 young children. 

The times of the sessions work well with our busy schedule and seeing the same group of friendly people each time helps keeps me motivated to turn up no matter what the weather. 

Taking the time to review my nutrition was quite an eyeopener and the benefits of changing my eating have been an unexpected bonus during the 6 weeks. 

The coaching emails have been full of great nuggets of advice and have kept me accountable and more focussed on sticking to the programme. 

I am feeling fitter and now eating to fuel my days which I can picture continuing for the longterm. 

I would highly recommend giving the 6 week programme a try.”
~ Emma

Screenshot 2019-09-09 at 12.32.09.png
Screenshot 2019-09-09 at 12.34.24.png


I Wanted To Create A Non Judgemental Group For Others To Become A Part Of ---> COMMUNITY 😍


My Secret To All This

1. Lifestyle Nutrition

Dinners - Coconut Chicken.JPG

Creating better habits regarding nutrition without having to completely cut anything out - this then becomes long lasting. 

2. Fat loss Workouts


Carefully designed workouts for maximum fat loss and toning - utilising the 'After Burn' effect so you continue to torch fat up to 24 hours after the workout 💪.

3. Ultimate Focus

I am I can I will.png

We provide the tools that will help you to stay motivated, focused and create a positive self image so that you feel great each and every day.

Our Nutrition, Workout And Focus Strategy Help YOU Get Toned

By Getting Rid Of Big, Wobbly Fat & Replacing With Small, Tight Muscles

fat vs muscle.jpg




Team Member

After 15-20 years of doing next to no exercise, I decided to get off my arse and do something about it. Having got into some lazy eating and drinking habits over the years, I decided at the ripe old age of 44 to sort that out.


I suppose I had been kidding myself on that physically I was fine, but the occasional game of golf and running a boys football team was never really going to cut it. I struggled to run the length of myself without getting out of breath and joined a gym two years ago, but think I've been twice.

I started on the 6 week programme and my results have been excellent over such a short period. I've lost 6.5cm from what was my beer belly, dropped an inch from around my hips and lost 3.6kg (8lbs in old money) in weight, seen a change in my body shape and fitness wise, it's night and day.

The training has been excellent, 3 sessions per week which are all varied and Jason has been brilliant, encouraging me along the way.

So, thanks to JB and everyone at PFC! I've now signed up for another 6 months and I've cancelled that gym membership too! 

5 stars from me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

sam copeland.jpg


Team Member

"After just 4 weeks i'm feeling so much better. My energy levels are higher, especially in the morning.

My skin is better and my fitness has definitely improved. I have always struggled with upper body strength but I am also feeling a bit stronger than before, although i've got a really long way to go.

I'm delighted with the results and want to say thank you for all the help and support, your advice and the support of the team as well its such a nice group to be part of. 

I'm looking forward to continuing and getting fitter and down another dress size."

Jo Ford before and after 2.jpg


Team Members

Best fitness camp I've ever done. I spent 8 months in Perth training with Jason and I left Perth fitter and healthier than I have ever been in my life. Jason knows his stuff and the fitness class sessions are varied and challenging but also lots of fun. The other fit-campers are awesome too!


 Get ALL this for £99

Limited Spaces - Places Cannot Be Reserved

Click the button below to apply to join

Limited spaces available. Places are on a first come first serve basis

The Next 6-Week Fitter Body Kickstart Programme 

Starts: 2nd June 2021

"But I'm Worried I Won't Be Able To Change For The Long Term"

Again, I get it. I've been there remember.

I used to see all of these other people getting amazing long lasting results, dropping clothes sizes, changing their nutrition habits and I would think "They're so Committed and Dedicated and Disciplined" - I Can't Do That!!


But then I realised something.

"You don't have to stay disciplined forever"




Well >> You only need to be disciplined for as long as it takes to become a habit. Then it just becomes part of your weekly routine - like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. 


FORGET WILLPOWER - you don't need it with this structure in place. 


It Only Takes Between 28 and 42 Days To Create A New Habit 😃

So Who Exactly Is This For?

  • Would LOVE to feel confident again. Confident with your clothes on and even more confident with your clothes off 😉💪

  • ​Want to rediscover that zest for life. To wake up in the morning, jumping out of bed and looking forward to the day ahead [rather than hitting snooze!]

  • ​Those that have a few items of clothing [A slim fit shirt or skinny jeans] tucked away somewhere that you would love to squeeze back into [that's why you're keeping them after all?]

  • ​Deep down you want to prove to your friends and family that you CAN do this. And that you're NOT a failure. But most importantly you want to prove it to YOURSELF.

  • Want MORE Health

  • ​Want MORE Happiness

  • ​Want MORE Respect

  • ​Want A MORE Leaner Body 

  • ​Want MORE Confidence

  • ​Want MORE Energy

  • ​Want MORE Success

  • ​Want MORE Belief 

  • ​Basically This Programme Is For Ladies Who Want MORE For Themselves!

Be Part of a Supportive & Encouraging Team

Join TODAY for just £99

 Limited spaces - Places Cannot Be Reserved

Click the sign up button below to join

Please Also Accept My 100% Money Back GUARANTEE


Look I know this programme works and because of this I am extremely passionate about this 6 Week Transformation Programme. I believe in it completely and I know that it works for me and for the hundreds of others who have completed it.

BUT should I NOT be able to deliver on what I promise and after 6 weeks you see and feel no difference I will personally refund you the full amount you have paid.

No questions asked. 

Do You Have Any Questions?

  • What times and days do you train?
    We train every Monday & Wednesday @ 6:15am-7am & 6:30pm-7:15pm And Saturdays 7:30am-8:30am on the North Inch Park
  • I'm not sure this is for me?
    I understand you are hesitant, anything new and challenging will raise an element of doubt or bring about certain fears. At the Perth Fitness Camp I am not trying to help men and women who just want to get 'fit' but I want to help men and women who have come to the last straw and are totally ready for a complete life transformation. And all this is done in a non-intimidating environment free from ego's or judgement. Put it this way we DON'T accept any of the below (they can stay in the gym with the rest of the chicken and broccoli brigade)
  • What if i'm already physically fit?
    No problem! Our programmes are designed to cater for all fitness levels with different adaptations offered for each exercise.
  • How do I get started
    Simple, everyone that joins the Perth Fitness Camp joins my UNSTOPPABLE 28 Day Kickstart Coaching Programme. This programme not only gives you access to all the training sessions, but i'll also coach you around: - Mindset - Nutrition - Lifestyle After 28 days, not only will you feel fitter, you'll be better educated about nutrition, will have a powerful driving force unique to you that will help you achieve your goals and you will be able to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle free from diets and fads. UNSTOPPABLE is the complete package and does exactly what it says on the tin. For details go here >>
  • How is the Perth Fitness Camp different from my local gym?
    There is no intimidation, no waiting for machines or lack of motivation. Every session is varied and fun (even been called entertaining). But more importantly than this we are the only fitness and fat loss programme in Perth that offers guaranteed results or your money back!!
  • What does a typical training session consist of?
    Varied. It has been proven that one of the reasons that people do not achieve their fitness goals is boredom. This is a key distinction with us that we vary each session and make it fun, but to give you an idea we use various training methods that have proven time and time again to get results such as HIT (high intensity training), bodyweight supersets, PHA training, short burst intervals, ladder routines, pyramid training, fartlek training, partnered routines. I know you're probably reading all this thinking aaaarrrggghhhh what does all this mean? It means that we are at the very cutting edge of the fitness industry right now and use only the best methods of coaching that hve stood the test of time to get our clients the results they desire.
  • Does the Fitness Camp ever end?
    No. It is an ongoing year round programme. But of course you are free to stop whenever you wish.

What Extra Support Do I Receive?

In Addition To The Weekly Workouts Here Is How We Help You Achieve Such Amazing Results:

✅Week 1: Getting your mind right and setting your initial goals

✅Week 2: Mindless snacking and how to take control with healthy snacks

✅Week 3: Alcohol and how to find balance so you can still enjoy whilst still achieving your weight loss goals 

Week 4: Post workout snack ideas and how this helps speed up recovery and target fat loss

✅Week 5: The importance of water and how to drink more of it to boost energy levels and stay focused

✅Week 6: Setting and smashing your next goal with new found confidence and belief


Join NOW for £99 [limited places available]

If You Book Your Place TODAY Then You Will Also Receive These Extra Bonuses For FREE 😊


Would you like my Cookbook for FREE as well [value £20]

If you're one of the first 8 ladies to book for the next programme then you can also have a FREE copy of my very own cookbook 🌽 [90 tasty and healthy recipes]

PFC Cookbook Image.png


A FREE Copy of my most downloaded ebook....

The Secret Abs Report [Value £15]

Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 11.54.58.png

Still Unsure / Uncertain?

That's ok. It's normal. Check out why Lisa chose to achieve her goals with us:

Get Ready For The Best Version Of You To Awaken


Because by becoming fitter, healthier, stronger, and more confident a new version of you will show up each day for your:

✔️Partner / Husband - It will be like when you were younger and had so much FUN together

✔️Kids - You will inspire them to achieve more and fall in love with exercise

✔️Friends - They will feed off your energy and want to be around you

✔️Boss/ work colleagues - New openings will be presented to you at work as people recognise your 'CAN DO' attitude

accept responsibility.jpeg


 Get ALL this for £99

Limited Spaces- Places Cannot Be Reserved

Click the button below to apply to join

Places are limited and on a first come first serve basis

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