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As a busy dad myself I understand that life can get in the way and that time constraints may mean that you can't make a gym session or a fitness class. I coach men and women who are in this position ALL the time, many of which do not own a gym membership and who now workout from home following my coaching and nutritional advice.

The simple truth of the matter is that carefree days have been replaced by 24/7 responsibilities, marriage/relationships, a baby or two or three, a mortgage and a boss who reminds you of all three. 

Maybe you'll agree....

Pringles and chocolate bars that once disappeared in a puff of metabolic smoke now linger like an oil spill. 

Did you know your physiological capacity - the overall performance of most of your body's systems decreases by around 1% per year from 30 onwards?

Hence the pringle and chocolate hangover

Muscle mass decreases by 3 - 5% each decade after your 30's. 

So what can you do to safe guard this? 

You need to switch your your focus to preventative fitness.

I have created an online fitness & nutrition coaching programme for busy men and women who can still workout and get amazing results from the comfort of their own home using their own bodyweight and a kettlebell!!

My KEBOfit FITTER BODY 90 Day Online Plan includes:

- 3 x fat burning 20 minute workouts per week (Bodyweight & Kettlebells)

- Workout and exercise video demo's so that you perform each exercise safely and effectively

- Kettlebell coaching videos

- Exercise images and a full breakdown of how to perform each exercise

- Meal Plans

- Nutritional guidelines so that you can adapt the meal plan to your likes and dislikes (this puts you in the driving seat)

- Recipe ideas

- Access to a closed and private support group

- Constant contact and regular check-ins with your coach

- All the encouragement, motivation, support and accountabilty you need from your coach and an entire community of men and women on the same journey as you.

The result from all of this?

- You'll be in great shape

- You'll be healthier inside and out

- You'll be more confident about yourself again

- You'll be better educated about fitness and nutrition

- You'll be leaner and a few dress/trouser sizes down

- You'll have more energy

- You'll have better focus at work and at home

- You'll enjoy a better quality nights sleep

- You'll have improved your longevity

- The list goes on and the benefits of transforming your health keep coming.


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